Results on American Idol, May 2, 2013: Amber Holcomb Finally Eliminated from Top 4

Results on American Idol 2013 revealed Amber Holcomb finally being voted off from the Top 4 contestants because of garnering the lowest votes as of May 2, 2013.

The Bottom 2 were Amber and Candice. In Season 11, Candice Glover has been eliminated during Hollywood Week with friends, runner-up Jessica Sanchez, and 9th placer, DeAndre Brackensick advancing to the final Top 10 of the competition.

Candice returned this Season 12 and made it through impressively, to Top 4 of the contest. Candice was an early favorite by the judges, but somewhere along the way, it seems that the judges’ interest shifted from her to Amber Holcomb.

Amber Holcomb American Idol
Amber Holcomb, Image credit: American Idol

The trend of the votes seemed to remain because last week, Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb were at the bottom 2, with Amber earning the lowest votes. Amber was saved by the judges, though.

Yesterday, the Top 4 American Idol finalists: Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, and Angie Miller, sang 2 songs each.

Amber Holcomb – “Just Give Me a Reason” and “My Funny Valentine”
Candice Glover – “When I Was Your Man” and “You’ve Changed
Kree Harrison – “See You Again” and “Stormy Weather
Angie Miller – “Diamonds” and “Someone to Watch over Me

Amber Holcomb gets another standing ovation from the American Idol 2013 judges again, based on the Global Poll in this site, however, Angie Miller is at Top 1, Candice Glover in second, Kree Harrison in third and Amber Holcomb earning the least votes.

Candice’sYou’ve Changed” earned a standing ovation from the judges, as well, just like Amber Holcomb.

Someone has to go, and it was Amber Holcomb’s time to go.

The performances of Angie Miller were the standouts of the night, unique and angelic; set apart from the rest of the Top 4 American Idol contestants.

As previously mentioned, Angie Miller is predicted to win season 12 of American Idol 2013. With Amber Holcomb being eliminated, the Top 3, Angie, Candice and Kree advance to the finals and a shot for being Season 12’s American Idol winner.

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