Remarkable Voices of Radha Tinsay and Moira dela Torre Wowed Judges in The Voice of the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The remarkable voices of Radha Tinsay and Moira dela Torre wowed the judges last Saturday, June 29, 2013, in The Voice of the Philippines to proceed to the next round of the competition.

Radha Tinsay’s voice turned Lea Salonga and Sarah Geronimo’s chair around and Radha chose Lea Salonga. Radha is not new to singing, as she has been in the business as member of the group Kulay.


Radha Tinsay, Image credit: The Voice of the Philippines


Radha Tinsay revealed that even if she had been in the music business for long, she is confident that she could still glean many significant lessons from The Voice.

On the other hand, the four judges’ chairs did not all turn for Moira dela Torre but her voice has a unique, wonderful timber to it that would make her a dark horse, once she selects the right song. Only turned his chair, but it was enough for her to advance to the next round. As proof of her amazing talent, McDonald has hired her before to sing its jingle “”Hooray for Today“.

On Twitter, Radha Tinsay gained a number of followers when she auditioned for VOP, bringing her closer to her goal of reviving her singing career.

So far, here are ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ contestants and their coaches:

Team Sarah

Morrisette Amon
• Junji Arias
• Eva delos Santos
• Michaellen Temporada

Team Bamboo

Isa Fabregas
• Lee Grane Maranan
• Deb Victa


Cora dela Cruz
• Moira dela Torre
• Thor Dulay
• Grace and Guji Lorenzana
• Sir Lord Lumibao

Team Lea

Chien Berbana
• Taw Muhammad
• Darryl Shy
• Radha Tinsay

The Voice of the Philippines has been No. 1 and No. 2 in its second week with its TV ratings, and viewers are excited about who would make it to the final 4. Who would be competing for the title – The Voice of the Philippines?

As of now, predictions for the final 4 contestants for The Voice of the Philippines are Radha Tinsay, Moira dela Torre, Thor Dulay and Lee Grane Maranan. Understandably, these predictions would change as the show progresses depending on the performances of the contestants.

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