Reactions to the Elimination of Paul Jolley on American Idol 2013

Reactions to the elimination of Paul Jolley on American Idol started with Nicki Minaj, which, according to reports, had ignored Paul after he was eliminated. Fans trooped to Twitter to express their dismay:

“Watched American idol last night, so devastated Paul Jolley went home.”

@PaulJolleyAI12 don’t ever feel down about getting eliminated. You’re awesome.”

Reactions of fans were of dismay but they were positive that Paul Jolley has a beautiful career awaiting him, outside of the American Idol stage.

Paul Jolley, Image credit: American Idol 2013

Paul Jolley has tweeted the following, indicating that he is raring to go forward with his music career.

“It’s so hard to keep my confidence up & believe in myself when im being pulled down. Special thanks to my #Troopers for being there for me.”

“Heading to Good Day LA live taping now! Make sure to tune in wherever you are! Times are different in different cities! Love my #Troopers

“Just got done with all the fox interviews for all the different cities! Special thanks to each and every station! Y’all are awesome!”

He also spoke about using the “negativity” that he encountered on American Idol as a stepping stone to improve his craft. He also spoke about how Keith Urban and Mariah Carey encouraged him to never give up.

With Paul Jolley’s optimism, it is not impossible to imagine him achieving his dreams in the long run. Good luck, Paul Jolley.

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