Reactions to Nora Aunor’s Exclusion from the Philippines’ National Artist Award

MANILA, Philippines – The Pinoy entertainment industry was aghast when PNoy Aquino did not approve of the NCCA’s endorsement of actress Nora Aunor for the National Artist Award.

The one and only Superstar of local cinema has been the life-saver of the showbiz industry, in the past, when its future was bleak and dreary. Nora Aunor has also continued to promote Philippine films abroad through her classic and superb acting. Her film “Thy Womb” continues to earn accolades in international competitions as this post is being written.

Nora Aunor
Nora Aunor

Nora Aunor’s achievements as a singer and actress are numerous and so vast that it would take another article to write them. Noted thespians and directors have expressed their disappointment. Popular action star, Robin Padilla, stated that Nora Aunor deserves the National Artist Award because of her various achievements.

The hashtag #NoraAunorForNationalArtist appeared on Twitter as Nora Aunor’s supporters trooped to the social media to express their thoughts.

Read the dismayed reactions to the manner in which the palace eliminated Nora Aunor’s name from the previous list submitted by NCAA.

Don Rapadas
‘Nakakalungkot na meron tayong pangulo na walang malasakit sa Sining’ (It’s sad that we have a president who has no concern for the arts.)

Another article in the Manila Times by Katrina Stuart Santiago talked about how there is no morality clause included in the criteria for the National Artist Award.

An open letter to PNoy Aquino written by Luz Nolasco talks about how the president cannot create a law at whim. Here’s an excerpt:

“…no president in a so-called democratic country has any power to create a law at whim. Your presidential obligation is to study a bill that went through congressional deliberation, and either veto or sign it. That is the extent of your power.”

Some reactions on Twitter were more direct:

Paula GINIR ‏@sprocketscience

#NoraAunorForNationalArtist Totally supporting this. Also, WALANG HIMALA sa ilalim ng bulok na pamahalaan ni Aquino!

Kenneth James ★ ‏@deathofsatara

KATARUNGAN PARA KAY ATE GUY! #NoraAunorForNationalArtist

Niño Ariel Cervantes ‏@Elninoariel Jun 21

Pinulitika na naman si Nora Aunor! Pinairal na naman ng pangulo ang politika! #NoraAunor #noraaunorfornationalartist


The original and official criteria should have been followed. If Nora Aunor was previously endorsed by the NCCA, then Ate Guy should has already met the criteria. The question in people’s minds is: “Anong nangyari? (What happened?)

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