Reactions to Dave Lamar and Junji Arias on The Voice PH, A Perfect Match, Did Dave Deserve Getting Booted Out?

MANILA, PhilippinesDave Lamar and Junji Arias battled it out on The Voice PH last Sunday, August 4 and there were mixed reactions. Both contestants trended on Twitter as tweeterpeeps reacted to their battle round. Some said it was a perfect match, while others disagree.

Did Coach Sarah decide correctly by allowing Dave to get booted out of the Voice Live Shows? Dave had apparently performed superbly that night based on some tweets. He lent passion and excitement to the song. He had emotion worked into the song. You could feel his passion as he danced and sang. Singers need to “feel” their songs because this makes them better singers.

Sarah Geronimo

On the other hand, Junji’s voice is undeniably mellowed and honed by experience. He sang effortlessly instead of screaming his lungs out, but he could not dance as Dave could.

For those who love to be entertained, they would choose Dave, but for those who just like to listen, they would choose Junji. Each could develop more the aspect, which they could find wanting.

Just last week, there was great debate whether Coach Bamboo’s decision of retaining Lee Grane instead of Dan was a correct one. Some fans voiced out their opinion that the decision should be based on the performance alone and not on any other considerations.

The coaches, however, have their own reasons why they come to such decisions. There may be circumstances that go on behind the curtain, which the audience are not privy about.

Did Coach Sarah choose the correct contestant to move forward? Only the Voice of the Philippines Live Shows could reveal the answer.

Check back for updates next week.


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