Reactions of Netizens to Rodman’s endorsement of Trump’s Presidential Candidacy, as “Dennis Rodman” Trended on Twitter

Netizens trooped to Twitter to express their thoughts on Dennis Rodman’s endorsement of Donald Trump as US president.


Donald Trump and Dennis Rodman


Some reactions were cynical and some were downright hilarious. Here are some reactions:

JRehling ‏@JRehling
“When Dennis Rodman endorses a GOP candidate, that candidate will get the vote of EVERY purple-haired former NBA center who dated Madonna.”

Yael ‏@elle91
“Dennis Rodman’s endorsement of Trump for president is like a Walmart employee recommending a life coach.”

Will McAvoy ‏@WillMcAvoyACN
“Dear twitter: You’ve made Dennis Rodman trend. Again. Please go home and think on your sins.”

Nick ‏@angry_eyebrowz
“Dennis Rodman’s endorsement means that the Trump campaign is certifiably insane, rather than just standard insane.”

WesWilliams ‏@JWesWilliams
“Dennis Rodman endorses Trump for President. This just keeps getting funnier.”

jj ‏@72pfm 1h1 hour ago Georgia, USA
jj retweeted Dennis Rodman
“Dennis Rodman, as we all know, is an amazing judge of character.”

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