PSY and MC Hammer‘s “Gangnam Style” Made Celebrities Dance, Audience To Their Feet during The American Music Awards 2012

PSY and MC Hammer‘s “Gangnam Style” made celebrities dance, and the audience to their feet during the American Music Awards 2012 (AMA).

PSY is the South Korean singing superstar who had, an unprecedented, more than 700 million hits on YouTube (within a month’s time) with his “Gangnam Style.”

PSY & MC Hammer, Image credit: ABC/YouTube

The song is about the Gangnam area (area where opulent lifestyle is observed) in South Korea.

Apparently, the audience at the American Music Awards 2012 did not understand the lyrics but they danced and sang the song, anyway, with PSY and MC Hammer.

PSY and MC Hammer performed a medley of “Gangnam Style” and “Too Legit to Quit” to the delight of the celebrities. “Too Legit to Quit” is MC Hammer’s triple platinum record.

Below is the YouTube video of PSY and MC Hammer, uploaded by joeyzolanski, and courtesy of AMA and ABC studios.

MC Hammer and PSY

Video credit: joeyzolanski/AMA/ABC/YouTube

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