Pinay Neneth Lyons Posts Message for Fans after Her Elimination from 2015 X Factor UK

Pinay Neneth Lyons failed to advance to the Judges’ House on X Factor UK, while the other Filipino group, 4th Power, made it through the next round.


Neneth Lyons on X Factor UK final2
Neneth Lyons on X Factor UK 2015


Neneth Lyons was a powerhouse during the auditions and the group rounds, and has earned the admiration of the judges. She has promised her fans that she will remain in the competition, however, unluckily, that promise was broken during the Six-Chair Challenge Round.

Here’s Neneth’s explanation and message to her fans that she posted on her Facebook account:


“Hi everyone, obviously upset and heartbroken with the outcome, but was an amazing experience and very grateful to X Factor for the opportunity. I did promise I would explain what happened once 6 chairs had been aired, so here you go.

My solo performance at boot camp didn’t air probably due to the fact I didn’t make it to judges’ houses. I do hope I can get a copy of it one day, as it really did show off my full vocal range and I’m sure you would have loved it.

With regards to the 6 chairs we arrived at 12:30 lunchtime for an evening performance, but unfortunately things were running behind schedule and they only managed to hear 3 contestants before sending everyone home at 1:30am to be continued the next day. We got home at about 430am and had to leave the following morning at 9am for a 1230 call time. I was on 3rd from last, there were another 2 contestants before me that they didn’t show on the TV episode and there was a long break just before my performance.

My song at 6 chairs was One Moment in Time and this was suggested by the producers & music director. It’s hard to hear the judges talk about wrong song choices when the music director advises you to sing that song and tells you it’s brilliant and very powerful during rehearsals. I do feel the way the song has been edited on the TV down to 20 seconds loses the impact of the song as it is a song that builds from the start and gradually gets bigger. It looked and it sounded too safe. I will try and upload a copy of me singing the full song.

I made a lot of friends during the show and it has definitely re-ignited my passion for singing. Can’t wait to continue performing and hopefully something big is waiting round the corner.

Thanks for all your kind words and support. I love you all xxx”


In another message, she disclosed:


“Message to you all.. I will never stop chasing my dream.. :)))) Thank you all so much for the love and support throughout my XFactor UK journey. It’s a competition! Some will win, some will lose and just so unfortunate I lost. I don’t feel bitter at all (some people have said that on Twitter). Just needed to post and explain to my supporters what had happened coz I made that promise to them.”

You guys take care and I’m looking forward doing gigs next month. So I’m really happy about that. I love you all xxx.”


Meanwhile, Simon Cowell, who was Neneth Lyons’ judge-mentor, has posted a statement on his official Twitter account, saying that he committed two big mistakes during the Six-Chair Challenge on X Factor UK. Could the two “big mistakes” be Karen Mavs and Neneth Lyons?


Simon Cowell on Neneth Lyons?


Cowell also apologized for swearing on the show.



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