Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, is the Grand Prize Winner on the 2014 X Factor Australia Show

The Grand Prize winner on the 2014 X Factor Australia is 15 year old Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan. Punzalan auditioned as a timid, budding singer at first, and rose to be a polished singer that she is today.

It was a phenomenal journey for her. Television viewers watched her transformation to the grand champion on X Factor Australia.

Marlisa Punzalan Grand Finals Twitter
Marlisa Punzalan Grand Finals winner on X Factor Australia Image credit: Marlisa’s Twitter page

Coach-Judge Ronan Keating has a lot to do with Marlisa Punzalan’s winning form. The Filipino communities around the world are apparently proud of Marlisa’s win.

Congratulations Marlisa Punzalan for winning the X Factor Australia crown.

Marlisa thanked her supporters on Twitter. Watch the video below of the grand final results on X Factor Australia.

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