Phillip Phillips, American Idol 2012 Winner’s Pawn Shop Robbed

Phillip Phillips, the American Idol 2012 winner’s pawn shop has been robbed, news sites revealed June 13, 2012. Phillip has a family-owned pawn shop in Leesburg, Georgia, which his father managed and where he previously helped his father tend the shop.

The pawn shop figured prominently when Phillip Phillips went home for the Top 3 American Idol homecoming. The other finalists were Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet who went home to Chula Vista, California, and Westlake Louisiana respectively.

Reportedly, the thieves stole a backhoe and drove it through Phillip’s pawn shop, leaving a free entry for the robbers to cart away around $4,000 worth of items.

As of press time, complete inventory was still on-going to reveal the total amount of stolen goods.

This is sad news for Phillip Phillips who recently came out from the hospital because of a kidney surgery.

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