Papa Peachez: American Idol 2013 Contestant Has Unexpected Voice that Shocked Judges

Papa Peachez: American Idol 2013 Contestant amazes judges, Mariah, Nicki, Randy, and Keith, with his unexpected voice on Thursday, January 30, 2013.

Papa Peachez during the American Idol 12 Audition said:

“I know I’m gay but that’s okay.”

“Most people look at me and they see a cute little white boy, I’m really just a big black woman trapped in a little boy’s body.”

On Twitter, American Idol fans are tweeting about him, with a few already proclaiming him a winner.

“Papa Peachez for the win!”

“Papa Peachez is the new American idol.’

“Papa Peachez is the f—ing BEST.”


Would he make it on the Top 20 American Idol 2013 contestants? His newly-found fans surely hope so.

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