“Marcel” Goes Trending on Twitter as One Direction’s “Best Song Ever”, Soon to be Released

Marcel” goes trending on Twitter as One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” is soon to be released after four days. Harry Styles played the role of the marketing guy – the nerd.

He tweeted from his Official Twitter account:

Harry Styles@Harry_Styles

“If this doesn’t work out maybe I’ve got a future in marketing.”


Harry Styles as Marcel, Image credit: Harry Styles/Twitter


Marcel, as portrayed in the video, is a nerd, whom everyone avoided, especially during proms. Tweeter users came up with their own dialogues:

“Hey do you remember me?”
“No, I’m sorry”
“I’m Marcel, we went to school together?”

Looking at the gorgeous gentleman in front of him, (Marcel was a nerd back in high school)

“Oh my God!”

Another TweeterPeep said:

“Let’s just say I can’t look at a marketing guy the same way again, thanks to Marcel!”

Fans declared that One Direction members are not only good in singing but in acting, as well. Harry Styles as Marcel is a huge hit, and he has proven that One Direction can be in movies too.

In the trailer video for the song, Harry Styles acts as Marcel, the marketing guy. He is perfect as a nerd, and as the “hot guy” after the transformation.

One Directioners are excited about this new song. They expect it to be the “Best Song Ever”.

One Twitter user declared:

“MARCEL is the reason you should always be nice to the nerd who likes you.”

It is a great message that young people can learn from. One Direction has always been setting a good example to their fans, and their songs have been instant hits. This latest song would surely be another added feather to their cap.

Trending “Marcel” on Twitter is in preparation for One Direction’s new song, “Best Song Ever”, which is released by Sony Music Entertainment.

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