Leading Philippine Sunday Show, Party Pilipinas, on Six-Month Probation due to “Sexually-Charged” Dance Number

MANILA, PhilippinesThe Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has placed the leading Philippine Sunday Show, “Party Pilipinas,” on six-month probation due to a “sexually-charged” dance number performed by Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino on January 27, 2013. MTRCB has also requiredParty Pilipinas to issue a public apology on the show, this Sunday, February 10, 2013.

Lovi Poe, Image credit: Lovi Poe-Twitter

The performance was done as an opening number of the PG noontime show, which is aired every Sunday on GMA-7, one of the leading Philippine TV channels.

MTRCB, under the chairmanship of Attorney Eugenio Villareal has issued the probation order after initial examination and evaluation of the facts.

“Party Pilipinas” teems with talented entertainers, and it is sad to watch the show being given sanctions for what it aired. Perhaps, directors should take the highroad to be more ingenious in a wholesome way.

GMA-7 executive and directors should also look into the level of violence that they inject into GP telenovelas. Sometimes, violent scenes to children are being included, which could send wrong messages to the kids and the young adults. Child violence, such as hair pulling, mistreating a child, and similar acts should not be included in GP shows. The television is one powerful media that kids easily learn from.

Violence is part of reality, just as sex is, but uncensored violent scenes are as dangerous as uncensored sex scenes when viewed by growing children. The directors should have sufficient education, especially in psychology to know what scenes should not be included. If this is not possible, then the director should possess a certain “sensitivity” to know when a scene is not appropriate for children, and the young adults.

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