Kim Kardashian’s Sexy, Preggy, Blue Dress

Kim Kardashian flaunted her sexy preggy outfit in Florida, where she wore the sexiest blue dress for a pregnant woman. Kate Middleton’s dresses even pale in comparison to Kim’s boldest outfit.

Kim’s blue outfit had a heart shaped cut at the front revealing her curvaceous contours. The baby bump is still not showing, but, to date, it is the boldest dress worn by a pregnant celebrity. Some quarters said that she is more stylish than Kate Middleton.

Kim Kardashian sexy preggy blue dress
Kim Kardashian sexy, preggy, blue dress, Image credit: Pacific Coast News

Kim Kardashian, reportedly, had pictures in Miami in her white, knitted robe and bikini, showing her baby bump. The reality, Armenian star has changed the fashion trend for pregnant women.

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