KC Concepcion Responds to Paulo Avelino’s Revelation, What about Chandler Parsons?

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Paulo Avelino revealed on “Buzz ng Bayan” last Sunday, November 3 that he and actress, TV host,  KC Concepcion, were dating. What about Chandler Parsons?

Paulo Avelino also disclosed on national television that he did not get jealous of NBA player Chandler Parsons because KC has said they were only friends.

On November 5, 2013, KC Concepcion responded via her official Twitter account:

KC Concepcion ‏@kc_concepcion 6h

“To those asking: Yes @mepauloavelino & I enjoy each others company, yes we spend time, but nothing serious right now! I am still single.”

KC Concepcion_Paulo Avelino

This statement includes Chandler Parsons, as well.

So she is still single and not taken. KC Concepcion is a lovely, wonderful person and the young man who would be able to capture her heart is, indeed, one lucky fellow.

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