Journey Rock Band with Lead Vocalist, Arnel Pineda, on Tour in Europe

Journey, the legendary Rock Band with lead vocalist, Arnel Pineda, is on tour in Europe and some US Sates this month of May up to September 2013. They had resumed their tour in Belfast, UK last May 16, 2013 and would end their tour on September 1, 2013 in Snowmass, Colorado.

In the Netherlands, in Bospop in Weert, Journey was well applauded as fans warmed up to Arnel Pineda’s rendition of some of the new songs, like “Tantra” from their newest album “Eclipse.”

Journey with Arnel Pineda
Journey with Arnel Pineda, Image credit: Journey

Tantra”, “City of Hope”, “Never Walk Alone” and “After All These Years,” are among the audience’s favorites.

According to Jonathan Cain, keyboard player of Journey, Europe audiences are more receptive to their new songs.

With Arnel Pineda, who exudes the needed fiery soul for the band, Journey may have another 3 to 5 more years of touring ahead of them.

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