Join Arnel Pineda’s Birthday Celebration on His Website with Plokkers from All Over the World

MANILA, Philippines – International Rock Star, Arnel Pineda, is scheduled to celebrate his birthday with his avid fans or Plokkers from all over the world at his own website, (APR).

Image credit: Arnel Pineda/Twitter


A virtual party would be held for Journey’s lead vocalist at the Chat Area on APR. Plokkers have already started the ‘party’ since yesterday. Arnel’s birthday is September 5, but fans understand that he would spend the momentous day with his family.

On Thursday, September 5 US Time around 10 pm, (Friday, September 6, 9 am – Manila Time), Plokkers are hoping the ‘wokstah’ would drop by in celebration of his birthday.

According to @Fabbest, one of the moderators of Arnel Pineda’s official website, there would be 2 giveaways during the games. These are autographed DVDs of Arnel’s movie “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey.”

Arnel Pineda went home to the Philippines for a few days off to be with his loved ones during his natal day. Journey has been touring abroad for more than a month, and he would be returning to the US before September 14, for 3 more performances.

If you want to join the Plokkers during Arnel Pineda’s belated birthday celebration, you can drop by at the chat box on APR, and connect with Plokkers from all over the globe.

Who knows? You might be able to rub elbows, virtually, with the famous rock star, himself.

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