Jessica Sanchez Reveals to RollingStone Her Love for Eminem (Video)

Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: RollingStone

More than a week after the American Idol 2012 finale, Jessica Sanchez, the runner-up, revealed to RollingStone a fact that not everybody knows, her love for rapper Eminem, and her genre of music.

Jessica said:

“I want people to know that the person that I was in the competition is kind of different to who I want to be as an artist. I’m not a pop singer, and I’m ready to show everybody that’s not who I am.”

“I tell myself just to stay grounded, because this whole thing could change you like that…”

“I love Eminem, so much; it’s like Justin Bieber to all his little girls. It’s like crazy how much I love him. I would cry if he would walk into this room right now…”

“It got me to this point where I am right now, so I don’t have regrets.”

Below is the complete video of Jessica Sanchez talking about her American Idol 2012 experience.

Jessica Sanchez talking about her American idol stint

Video Credit: Rolling Stone /YouTube

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