Jessica Sanchez in Bottom 3, Saved by American Idol 2012 Judges, Twitter Reaction and Comments of Viewers

The American Idol 2012 Top 7 Results revealed that Jessica Sanchez was in the list of the official bottom 3 in the results as reported by entertainment news sites, April 12, 2012.

The other two AI contestants in the bottom 3 group were:

  • Elise Testone
  • Joshua Ledet

Viewers were shocked with the official results. How can Jessica Sanchez, a leading contender in the reality singing American TV show be at the bottom 3?

It was officially announced though, and reportedly, the three American Idol 2012 judges, Steven Tyler, Jessica Sanchez and Randy Jackson opted to use their one save for her.

The American Idol 2012 Top 7 results shocked millions of viewers worldwide and some voiced out their misgivings about the results. Some fans probably became complacent of Jessica‘s standing and have not voted, like the Twitter fan below.

Twitter comments:

“I forgot to vote for Jessica Sanchez last night, sorry, I’ll vote for you a million times next week.”

Another said:

“dang da judges didnt even let her finish singing..but oh well Jessica Sanchez aint going no where!!! 🙂 (sic.)

“I can’t believe Jessica Sanchez almost got eliminated! Seriously America? This girl has the talent. Good thing the judges used the save.”

Jessica’s fans in her home country, Philippines, were equally shocked with the results. Twitter and Facebook were a-buzz with the near elimination of their idol, Jessica Sanchez from American Idol 2012.

More reactions on Twitter with the AI 2012 judges’ reaction, and the save video can be viewed here.

1 thought on “Jessica Sanchez in Bottom 3, Saved by American Idol 2012 Judges, Twitter Reaction and Comments of Viewers”

  1. We The People voted and remember people voted for the person they felt to them did the best. I would say that some people may not realize the technical difficulty with a song or the quality, they vote for a person because they relate to that style of music over other styles. I think you might consider having more than one category, let’s say for example country, rock, and all other styles. I am partial to country and mild rock not hard rock so I would be picking the one I felt did the best job and was most original in making it there own. I would vote for Mickey Gilley over Johnny Cash, now that’s me so don’t crap on me or on We The People for in wild Women Jennifer and wild man Randy’s chastising your audience as we are the reason you have a successful rated show. Chill out dude’s or maybe we need new judges, or maybe you should let some dictator choose your winners. I really think Jessica is good and Randy I don’t agree with you saying she is the best in the country, that’s an opinion. I have seen Jimmy and you guys disagree with each other, that is what I’m telling you, everyone see the competition and must decide for themselves. When Ruben Stoddard won over Clay Akin I didn’t agree but that is how it went down. I believe the best will achieve success even if they don’t win. Kelly Pickler, Chris Daughtry, so please don’t get up and brow beat The People again. Hell you guys brought back Germaine and you know the rest of the story, others were better than him and you let them go, we all screw up right!! When you get on the people you are getting on Men and women who have fought for this country and sacrificed there bodies and risked their lives for freedom, let them vote without being put down man. Knock it off. RCL 59 God Bless the USA and the idol contestants, be professional when Judging and remember not even MLB umpires are right 100% of the time, even our country’s leaders aren’t Impeccable.


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