Jessica Sanchez: American Idol’s Top Contender Has a Fascinating YouTube Video with J Rice Still Undiscovered by Many of Her Fans (Video)

Jessica Sanchez & J Rice
Image Credit: JessicaESanchezfan/YouTube

Jessica Sanchez, American Idol 2012 top contender for the title, has a fascinating YouTube video with J Rice that is still undiscovered by her millions of fans as evidenced by the number of hits it has gained.

The YouTube video is that of J Rice singing the popular song of Demi Lovato, “Skyscraper,” and Jessica singing a duet through digital manipulation. The duet was perfect and showed off both singers’ powerful voices. “Skyscraper” won for Demi Lovato her “Iconic Song” award, while Josh Rice is an R & B artist.

The “Skyscraper” video of Jessica Sanchez and J Rice was uploaded by JessicaESanchezfan last February 2, 2012 and has 119, 149 hits to date.

Jessica Sanchez remains on top of the American Idol 2012’s list for this popular American reality singing contest. Her duet with Joshua Ledet has earned another standing ovation from the audience and the AI 2012 judges.

Below is the YouTube video of Jessica Sanchez and J Rice.

Jessica Sanchez & J Rice

Video Credit: JessicaESanchezfan/YouTube

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