Jeon Jungkook of BTS is recognized as Twitter “King”; BTS is Twitter’s Best Musician of 2019

Jeon Jungkook of BTS is recognized as “King” on Twitter for his record-breaking tweets and accomplishments.

The Golden Maknae holds several World Records to his name, such as:

• Officially announced by Twitter as the 2nd Most retweeted tweet for 2019 (But ARMYs made it #1 after the Twitter announcement. Now, the RT of the tweet is more than the #1 officially announced tweet). ARMYs are waiting for the official confirmation of Twitter.

So, Jungkook’s tweet is now the most retweeted tweet for 2019.

• The only person that has 3 tweets with more than 2M “likes” each, making ARMY call him “King of Twitter”.

BTS in Concert at Metlife 2019

BTS is also crowned Twitter’s Best Musician Worldwide for 2019, topping world-renowned artists.

1. BTS
2. Ariana Grande
3. Drake
4. Rihanna
5. Cardi B
6. Justin Bieber
7. Beyoncé
8. Kanye West
9. Billie Eilish
10. Lady Gaga

Aside from these awards, BTS claimed all Daesangs (Major Awards) from the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA), and the 2019 MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Apart from the Daesangs, they won other awards, as well. Just recently they won Top Group from Variety.

2019 is the best year so far for BTS; 2020 would definitely be another record breaking year for the phenomenal boy group that has conquered the whole world.

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