Hollie Cavanagh, Top 4 American Idol: Comments of Judges on “Bleeding Love”

Hollie Cavanagh
Image Credit: AmericanIdol.com

Hollie Cavanagh, one of the Top 4 American Idol hopefuls has been in the Bottom 3 several times. She, however, survived the weekly elimination and she’s now at the Top 4 of the American Idol 2012 competition.

Hollie’s recent performances had earned plaudits from the American Idol judges. Here are the comments from the judges about her song “Bleeding Love.”

Randy Jackson:

“You’ve been the dark horse all season. For me you’re two for two tonight.”

Jennifer Lopez:

“It did have a beautiful and intimate quality. That was amazing.”

Steven Tyler:

“I loved it. You nailed it. It was very beautiful.”

Holl”, as friends call her, is afraid of small spaces like caves. She has auditioned also last season but had not succeeded like she did this season.

The California Dreamin” theme will be on May 9. Would Hollie make it?

Based on all pertinent factors, except fans’ votes, she would most likely take the axe next American Idol results show on May 10.

If Hollie’s fans will go in full force to vote for their Idol however, then we would see Hollie Cavanagh surviving another week to advance to the Top 3 of 2012 American Idol Season 11.

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  1. If she makes the top 3!!!! God help us all ! NIGEL AND THE JUDGES CAN PUSH ! But they can’t make us buy her album ! She will not sell ! If Jess doesn’t make the top 3 ! IT WILL BE TERRIBLE ! She deserves a spot in the finale !


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