Harry Connick Jr. Sang “And I Love Her” on American Idol, and His Voice was Amazing

Harry Connick Jr. sang “And I Love Her” on American Idol, and his voice was amazing. He sounded like Frank Sinatra and Luther Van Dross rolled into one.

Harry Connick Jr. singing on American_idol

This did not happen now that he is an American Idol judge, though, but on May 5, 2010, in Season 9 of American Idol. During that season, the Top 5 also sang his songs.

Harry is bringing the ‘punch’ back to the show, together with fellow judges, gorgeous Jennifer Lopez and dashing Keith Urban. He was nicknamed “Hatchet Harry” by JLo, and could also be calledHilarious Harry because of his great sense of humor. He is the genuine musician of the group because he could compose, play the piano, and other musical instruments.

Harry Connick Jr. is also a great family man with kids who sing and have inherited their father’s musical talents.

Apparently, American Idol has struck a gold mine in hiring Harry Connick Jr. as the new addition to its panel of judges. The international TV viewers are now getting to know him better.

Harry Connick Jr sings And I Love Her on American Idol

Video credit: American Idol/YouTube

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