Global Bond Day: British Agent James Bond’s 50 Years on Screen, Skyfall to Premiere October 23, Adele Sings Theme Song (Video)

Global Bond Day is celebrated on October 5 all over the world as British Agent James Bond’s movies remain in existence for 50 years on screen.

The theme song of  the newest Bond movie ,Skyfall, is sung by famous singer Adele. Skyfall will premiere on October 23, 2012.

In Skyfall, Daniel Craig plays the role of James Bond, the British spy 007 who worked covertly for the government.

Daniel Craig, Image Credit: Wikipedia

“My name is Bond, James Bond,” had become a famous line from the Bond movies, which were originally written in paperback by noted writer Ian Fleming.

According to Wikipedia, the other actors who played James Bond were:

Barry Nelson (1954)
Sean Connery (1962–1971 & 1983)
David Niven (1967)
George Lazenby (1969)
Christopher Cazenove (1973)
Roger Moore (1973–1985)
Timothy Dalton (1986–1993)
Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)
Daniel Craig (2006 to present)

The James Bond series will continue to attract international moviegoers because of its thrilling and action-packed scenes.

Below is the YouTube video of Adele singing Skyfall courtesy of adelelondon.

Adele singing Skyfall

Video credit: adelelondon/YouTube

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