Gaby Valenciano’s Super Selfie Video Featuring His Family on New Year’s Eve

Gaby Valenciano, Selfie video Superstar, uploaded another super selfie video featuring his whole family on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2013.

Gaby Valenciano-and-family-super-selfie video
Gaby Valenciano & Family, Image credit: Gaby Valenciano

Previously, Gaby Valenciano and his father, Philippines’ Total Performer, Gary Valenciano, were featured in international shows, when their super selfie video went viral online. To date, the video has more than a million hits.

Gaby Valenciano’s Super Selfie Video featuring his family has already close to 5,000 views just a day after it has been uploaded.

The comments on Gaby Valenciano’s Super Selfie lauded him for sharing a ‘Super Awesome” video. The video showed an old lady, apparently, his grandparent, who also rocked with the music.

Below is the YouTube video of Gaby Valenciano featuring his family on New Year’s Eve.

Gaby Valenciano’s Super Selfie video featuring his family

Video credit: Gabriel Valenciano/YouTube

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