Final 2 (Top 2) X Factor USA Prediction: Alex and Sierra, Jeff Gutt to Proceed to the Finale, Carlito Olivero to be Eliminated

The Final 2 (Top 2) X Factor USA Prediction would be Alex and Sierra against Jeff Gutt for the Finale, while Carlito Olivero would be eliminated.

Alex and Sierra on X Factor USA

Carlito Olivero brings in something unique to the competition because of his sizzling Latino-American music, and could be in Jeff Gutt’s place, too. This is only a prediction, so anything could happen in the semi-finals on the X Factor USA this season.

All three contestants are worthy of the crown because each has a voice that has that wonderful quality that superstars are made of. Jeff Gutt’s rendition of “Hallelujah” and Journey’s “Open Arms” were brilliant; he could run away with the X Factor Winner title any time. Alex and Sierra the crowd favorites are the predicted winners; they bring romance and love back for each performance.

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