Filipino Group 4th Impact Makes it to the Next Round on X Factor UK (Video)

The Filipino Group 4th Impact has made it to the next round on the 2015 X Factor UK. All the judges, and obviously, the public were impressed with their performance of a mashup of “Sound of The Underground” and “The Clapping Sound” by Girls Aloud and Shirley Ellison on the X Factor UK 2015 2nd Live Show.


4th Impact advances to next round on X Factor UK
4th Impact advances to next round on X Factor UK


Watch the video of their performance HERE.

On their Twitter page, the Pinay group expressed their gratitude to their British fans and all fans, who have supported them throughout the X Factor Show.

“Thank you everyone for voting for us! Thank you for embracing our talent GOD is GREAT!”

On Twitter, they have now more than 51 thousand followers from all over the world. Fan groups sprouted as 4th Impact continues to wow the audience and the judges with their powerful voices and phenomenal showmanship and stage presence.

Will 4th Impact be one among the three grand finalists?

Check back later for updates.

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