Filipino Caregiver, Rose Fostanes, Makes It to Top 20 of X Factor Israel with Prince’s “Purple Rain”

Filipino caregiver, Rose Fostanes, has made the cut to the Top 20 contestants of the X Factor Israel this week with her song “Purple Rain.” The judges were visibly impressed with Rose when she sang “This is My Life” during audition and gave her a standing ovation.

Pinay Rose Fostanes on X Factor Israel singing Purple Rain

During the next round, Rose Fostanes sang Lady Gaga’s “You and I” and her fellow contestants all stood to applaud the extremely talented Pinay caregiver. The judges apparently approved of her performance because during their deliberation, her picture was picked first.

For Rose Fostanes’ third performance, she sang “Purple Rain” by Prince, and nailed it. She sang alongside two other contenders, Chen and Mauricio.

Below is the much-talked about performance of Rose Fostanes of the song “Purple Rain” on X Factor Israel.

Rose Fostanes’ “Purple Rain” on X Factor Israel

Video credit: THE X FACTOR ISRAEL/YouTube

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