Fil-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva Advances to Top 6 on X Factor Australia 2015, Michaela Baranov Eliminated (Video)

Filipino-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva has advanced to next round of the competition on X Factor Australia 2015, as one of the Top 6 contenders.


Cyrus Villanueva


Cyrus Villanueva’s performance of Adele’s “Rumour Has It” and “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over” have most probably impressed the judges enough to let him stay for two more weeks.

On the other hand, the Bottom 2 contestants were Michaela Baranov and Mahalia Simpson, They have to battle it out for the last spot. In the end it was Michaela Baranov who was sent home.

The remaining Top 6 X Factor Australia contestants, who will be proceeding to the next round, are:

1. Cyrus Villanueva
2. Big T
3. Louise Adams
4. Natalie Conway
5. Jess & Matt
6. Mahalia Simpson

Will Cyrus Villanueva make it to the Grand Finale?

Fans are crossing their fingers. If you want Cyrus Villanueva to win X Factor Australia, visit the X Factor website and learn how to vote for him.

Watch Cyrus perform below. Video courtesy of ISOTunes.

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