Fil-American, Ellona Santiago, Made It to the Final Four (4), Girls’ Group on X Factor USA

Ellona Santiago, a 17-year old Fil-American, has made it the Final Four (4) of the Girls Group on X Factor USA, during the Four Chair Challenge on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

Ellona Santiago revealed that she was born in Philippines, and they have migrated to the US when he was11 months old. She joined X Factor USA because she would be able to achieve her parents’ “American dream.”

 Ellona Santiago sang “Clarity” but Mentor Demi Lovato was not all sold out with her performance, saying something seemed to be missing, the star factor.

 Ellona Santiago promised Demi that she would do her best in the competition as Demi Lovato faltered and asked the X Factor panel, ”Oh my God, I don’t know what would to do?”

However, Demi Lovato relented when Simon Cowell pointed out the rousing applause of the audience for Ellona.

Ellona Santiago, Image credit: X Factor USA

The 17 year old was overjoyed when Demi Lovato finally decided to make her one of her Final Four, in place of Jamie Pineda.

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