Derek Ramsay is Captain Kidlat, A Genuine Superhero with a Heart of Gold (Pictures)

To some people who do not know him well, Derek Ramsay is the happy-go-lucky Casanova, who breaks young girls’ hearts with indifference, allegedly leaving a trail of broken hearts behind. There is more to this handsome hunk, though, that belies his Romeo image; he has a caring and gentle heart that not everyone knows.

To Derek Ramsay’s fans, he is Captain Kidlat, the superhero in the real sense of the word. He cares and loves his fans tremendously that makes him a genuine hero in their hearts.

Ann and Derek Ramsay during a shooting of “Kidlat”

One particular example is Ann, who says Derek Ramsay, is a true star because of how he treats his fans; he loves them to death, and goes out of his way to entertain them without discriminating anyone. Ann claims to be Derek’s no. 1 fan made apparent by her Twitter name “Addicted2Derek.”

Ann talks about how Derek attended to a mother, (amidst a hectic day) who wanted to have her kid’s picture taken with the superhero, Captain Kidlat. Captain Kidlat carried the kid in his arms, without hesitation, and posed for some pictures.

Ann and Derek Ramsay

This is what real stars are made of – they are genuine troopers who know where their popularity comes from, and who made them into superstars; hence, they treat their fans with genuine concern and care.

Derek Ramsay is sweet to his fans, and shows that he appreciates what they are doing for him. He truly cares for them not only as fans, but as persons who have concerns and fears. He treats them as friends and not as nameless faces in his quest for success.

His leading lady in “Kidlat” (Lightning) is charming actress, Nadine Samonte. This thrilling TV fantasy action series started airing daily at 6:45 p.m. since January 7, 2013 on TV5.

Captain Kidlat is gaining popularity as viewers watch the superhero fight against the bad guys in the neighborhood.

As “Kidlat” gains popularity, more and more fans discover Derek Ramsay’s endearing personality. The star has a heart of gold and is a genuine superhero.

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