DeAndre Brackensick Replies to Jessica Sanchez: “Miss You More”

DeAndre Brackensick replied to Jessica Sanchez’s tweet with these words:

@JSanchezAI11 thank you babii:) miss you more!”

The lovebirds are so sweet; their fans are thrilled for them.

After Jessica revealed that DeAndre was her boyfriend through Ustream, and DeAndre confirming through Twitter that Jessica is her girlfriend, fans are kept on their toes for news of the romance of 16 year old American Idol runner-up, Jessica and 17 year old American Idol 8th placer, DeAndre.

Rumors about a fan witnessing Jessica and DeAndre kissing backstage have been also hot item on Twitter for the previous week.

Presently, Jessica Sanchez is enjoying a Skype Party in Manila, and fans are currently spending a grand time with their World Idol. They greeted her “Happy Birthday”, which made the singing sensation teary-eyed, saying, “You’re all amazing.”

DeAndre’s “Miss You More” was in reply to Jessica’s tweet:

@BrackensickAI11 miss you! have a safe flight <3”

Can young love be more sweeter than this?

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