Daddy’s Home, One of the Top 12 X Factor Philippines Contestants, Thanks Fans at Twitter and Facebook

Daddy’s Home, one of the Top 12 X Factor Philippines contestants, thanked fans at Twitter and Facebook for the support they have given them during the grueling and exciting judges’ home round of the competition.

Top 12 X Factor contestants Daddy’s Home is composed of dads, who have different jobs, but who came together as a group because of their shared passion for music.

Daddy’s Home members are Allan Mitchell Silonga, Jerome Icatar, Doc E Dacanay, and Ebet Silonga.

Daddy’s Home
Image Credit: Daddy’s Home, X Factor

In their official Facebook page, they have this to say:

“We are Dads who dreamed to have a place in the music industry. We are working as regular Dads with diff. day jobs to provide our families a decent life.”

Each of the Daddy’s Home members has a powerful voice even if they sing solo. Together, their voices blend so well, you can almost hear male angels singing from heaven.

During the X Factor Philippines round in Tagaytay, Gary V was impressed with their performance.

Their voices blended so exquisitely and beautifully. Do you see a winner for the P4 million worth of prizes?

You could get an answer to your question, once the live competition starts on August 4, 2012 at  ABS-CBN TV.

Good luck, Daddy’s Home on your Top 12 X Factor Philippines journey!

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