#BTSonFallon Trended #1 on Twitter in Some Countries; Is Your Country Included? Learn What Country BTS is Most Popular In

Jimmy Fallon invited BTS, the “Most Famous Boy Band in the planet”, to his Tonight’s Show on September 25, 2018, and a hurricane of tweets erupted on Twitter.

These data were taken after the show, so the actual rankings may be higher while BTS was still airing on TV with Jimmy Fallon.

The hash tag #BTSonFallon trended on Twitter as:

#1 in Canada; #5 is “Jimmy Fallon”, #6 is “Yoongi”; and #7 is “Hoseok”
#1 in the Philippines; #8 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#1 in Chile; #2 is “Jimin”
#1 in Korea; #2 is “JUNGKOOK”; #8 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#1 in Poland; #7 is “Jimin” and #9 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#2 in the United States; #3 is “Jimmy Fallon”, #10 is “BTSGrammy”
#3 in Thailand; #9 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#3 in Italy; #7 is “Jimin”
#3 in Singapore is “Jimin”
#4 in Mexico
#4 in Malaysia is “Hoseok”; #8 is “Jungkook”; and #9 is “Yoongi”
#5 in Brazil; #6 is “Jimin”; and #7 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#5 Worldwide and #8 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#5 in Indonesia; #6 is “Jimmy Fallon”
#6 in Vietnam
#6 in Germany is “Jimin”
#7 in Australia is “Jimmy Fallon”
#7 in Russia is “Jimmy Fallon”
#7 in Greece is “Jimmy Fallon”
#7 in Egypt is “Jimmy Fallon”
#7 in Malaysia is “Jungkook”; #8 is “Yoongi”
#7 in Ukraine is “Jimmy Fallon”
#7 in Kuwait is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Bahrain is Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Turkey is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Jordan is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Lebanon “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Saudi Arabia is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Denmark is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Oman is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Latvia is “Jimmy Fallon”
#8 in Sweden is “Jimmy Fallon”
#9 in Austria is “Jimmy Fallon”
#9 in Norway is “Jimmy Fallon”
#9 in France is “Jimmy Fallon”
#9 in Switzerland is “Jimmy Fallon”

#BTSonFallon Trends on Twitter

There are still countries where BTS is popular but they don’t appear on Twitter locations, such as China and Taiwan.
But, Wow! Indeed BTS fans are all around the world, reaching as far as Russia and Latvia.

Based on the data gathered; it’s apparent that Jimmy Fallon has gained more viewers worldwide due to his BTS show. Imagine people in Russia, the Middle East, and Vietnam watching the Jimmy Fallon Show. It’s incredible!

BTS’ members Jimin and Jungkook are the most popular during the show, with Jimin trending as far as Russia. Hoseok and Yoongi followed next on the Twitter trends.

Jimin was the show’s favorite because Jimmy Fallon’s favorite was obviously Jimin. Of course, Jimin’s beautiful voice and incredible dance moves are also to be admired. Meanwhile, Jungkook superb dance steps and melodious voice stunned the audience as well; and Yoongi’s comment about BTS going to the Grammy’s has made his name trending. In summary, all BTS’ members have performed brilliantly – befitting their tag as “Global Superstars”.

RM had hugged the headlines when he spoke in behalf of BTS at the UN. His name trended on Twitter too, and some fans are stating they would vote for him if he rubs for president.

Each of the Bangtan Boys has their own unique talent to bring to the group. They have all performed superbly during their LIVE performance of “Idol”. Their voices and raps were synchronized with their razor-sharp dance moves. What more could ARMY ask for?

On his part, Jimmy Fallon was the perfect host, bringing out the funny side of the boys and their best performances. The camera man/director focused on the boy’s performance and this made fans happy. He was able to put the BTS members at ease and be comfortable while talking to him. It was one of the best shows of BTS in the U.S.

BTS_ Jimmy_Fallons_Tonight_Show
BTS on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

So, was your country included in the list? If BTS is popular in your country, and you’re not in the list, leave a comment below and let’s research if it is indeed included.

BTS will be on Good Morning America (GMA) on September 26, 2018, and already fans are thrilled of watching them.

Watch BTS on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Videos are courtesy of Jimmy Fallon.

BTS and Jimmy Fallon doing the Fortnite Challenge.

BTS’ Interview with JImmy Fallon.

BTS performance of “Idol” on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

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