Bryant Tadeo, Josh Holiday, Gurpreet Singh Sarin Eliminated from American Idol 2013

Bryant Tadeo, Josh Holiday, Gurpreet Singh Sarin, David Willis and Mathenee Treco were eliminated from American Idol 2013 on February 28, 2013.

The 5 boy contestants, who earned a slot in the Top 20 American Idol show, are:

Nick Boddington
Cortez Shaw
Burnell Taylor
Lazaro Arbos
Vincent Powell

Bryant Tadeo, Image credit: American Idol
Burnell Taylor, Image credit: American Idol

The complete list of the Top 20 American Idol contestants who will proceed to the live shows are:

  1. Nick Boddington
  2. Burnell Taylor
  3. Cortez Shaw
  4. Lazaro Arbos
  5. Vincent Powell
  6. Janelle Arthur
  7. Candice Glover
  8. Zoanette Johnson
  9. Aubrey Cleland
  10. Breanna Steer
  11. Devin Velez
  12. Curtis Finch Jr.
  13. Paul Jolley
  14. Charlie Askew
  15. Elijah Liu
  16. Adriana Latonio
  17. Kree Harrison
  18. Tenna Torres
  19. Angie Kristine Miller
  20. Amber Holcomb

With the Top 20 American Idol contestants, the voting public would be responsible for their ‘fate’ in the show. There were some changes in the format of the show, and there still would be more as the executive producers are trying new methods to recapture the rating of the show.

Nevertheless, American Idol is, reportedly, still the No. 1 Reality TV singing competition to beat. Most of its alumni are also successful after their stint with the show, becoming famous singers with their songs topping Billboard charts in the US and abroad.

It is unfortunate that some of the powerful singers have been eliminated, like Johnny Keyser, Bryant Tadeo, Shubha Vedula, and Josh Holiday.

The Top 20 American Idol finalists will proceed next week to the live shows. Who would make the cut next week? Who would be eliminated?

Check back next week for updates on the American Idol season 12 Contest.


2 thoughts on “Bryant Tadeo, Josh Holiday, Gurpreet Singh Sarin Eliminated from American Idol 2013”

  1. It is definitely unfortunate that some of the stronger voices have been eliminated and at this point I’m not sure why those contestants were sent home. Be it age or the ability to portray what genre they want to be in, they were eliminated. I was telling my co-workers in my office at DISH that this year there seems to be more pull from the producers rather than letting the show take its natural course. It could just be that they really want a woman to win. I wasn’t able to watch Idol the night it aired this week but I watched it last night on my train ride home. Thanks to the Hopper and DISH Anywhere I can watch TV on my iPad wherever I am and make sure that I’m up to date on all the latest drama.


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