BluJays Birthday Present to Jessica: “Jessica Sanchez Wins Ology Contest” and NRTA’s Best Reality TV Personality?

The BluJays are an amazing bunch of loyal fans; they were able to trend (again) today on Twitter with, “Jessica Sanchez Wins Ology Contest,” and “Let Jessica Sanchez Win Ology.” Jessica Sanchez Wins Ology Contest” ranked 4th on the worldwide Twitter trends, and presumably, would trend again in celebration of the American Idol’s runner-up birthday on August 4, 2012.

Some BluJays tweeted that letting Jessica Sanchez win Ology and the National Reality TV Awards (NRTA) is their birthday present to their idol. is a site “where people share their passions and interests with each other,” while the NRTA is an annual award accorded to deserving reality TV personalities, through fan voting.

Jessica Sanchez’s birthday celebration would surely be a blast with her family, her fans, her boyfriend DeAndre Brackensick, and her American Idol family.

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