Bench on “Offensive Derogatory Portrayal of Women” on “Naked Truth” Show: “We continue to uphold the dignity of women”

Senator Pia Cayetano
Senator Pia Cayetano, Image credit: Official Facebook page

Manila, Philippines – Bench apologized for the alleged “Offensive Derogatory Portrayal of Women” on its fashion show, “Naked Truth”, held last September 20, 2014. Senator Pia S. Cayetano has expressed displeasure of some of the online photographs of the said show, which she disclosed in her official website.

One of the photos was that of a woman wearing a “skimpy attire being walked on all fours” by young actor Coco Martin.

The senator raised the issue to Ben Chan, CEO of Bench, and Chan acted on the issue immediately by issuing a public apology:

Bench stated that:

“We at Bench apologize to the public for all the offensive elements of the show, ‘The Naked Truth.’ We will take all these concerns seriously and will serve as a lesson learned when we plan our next show. We at Bench shall continue to uphold the dignity of women and our commitment will remain so.”

Hopefully, companies will become more aware of the impact and influence their shows have on young people. It’s their responsibility too as providers. They can earn a lot using “offensive photos”, but companies should assume a higher moral ground to earn their keep.

Likewise, the models and actors have the same responsibility as the company. They should take active part in the selection of what they ought to wear in public. The cliché, “Bad publicity is still publicity”, should not be the tenet used in these instances. Together with the advertisers, they should recognize their moral responsibility to the public.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that there is still a proper decorum to observe even in advertising. Decency is still a must. That is decency in language and attire, and respect for the dignity of women.

Senator Cayetano should be lauded for her concern about women’s dignity.

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