Awesome Performance of Judges, Van Ness, Anggun, Melanie C and David Foster of “Let’s Groove” on Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals

The Asia’s Got Talent Judges Van Ness, Anggun, and Melanie C danced and grooved with the song “Let’s Groove”, while David Foster played the piano and sang with them to the delight of the audience.

asia's got talent judges
Asia’s Got Talent judges, Image credit: AXN FB

It was a fun and enjoyable performance that showcased the incredible talents of the 4 judges during the Grand Finals of the singing reality TV show.

Van Ness Wu appeared to be the audience favorite as they cheered more loudly his appearance on stage. Van Ness is a member of the F4 (Flower 4) cast of the hit Taiwan TV series, Meteor Garden. This TV series has catapulted Van Ness Wu, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu and Vic Zhou from obscurity to overnight superstars in 2001.

F4 group in “Meteor Garden”

F4’s “Meteor Garden” was successfully screened in various countries around the globe. The group gained so much popularity and amassed a huge fan base overnight that prompted them to conduct a world tour in these different countries. Van Ness was the most popular among the F4 based on his Twitter and Facebook followers from all over the world.

Van Ness Wu, Image credit: Asianstyle

So, it’s fitting that Van Ness is considered a Global and Asian superstar, just like Anggun, Melanie C and David Foster.

The Pinoy act, El Gamma Penumbra, was proclaimed the grand winner, with the act from Mongolia coming in as first runner-up and another Pinoy act, singer Gerphil Flores, coming in second runner-up.

The Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final show was a blast, and an appropriate tribute to the judges, and the great talents coming from all over Asia.

Watch the Asia’s Got Talent judges perform “Let’s Groove” in the video below. Video is courtesy of AXN and Asia’s Got Talent.

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