American Idol Updates: Spencer Lloyd Got What It Takes to Be the Next American Idol

Based on past performances, Spencer Lloyd got what it takes to be the next American Idol. His mellow voice is soothing to the ears (he does not need to scream for people to listen to him); one can feel his passion for music by the intensity when he sings; and lastly he is a hunk, unbelievably handsome and well built.  Apparently, he could also sing any song in any genre. Spencer Lloyd is the total package, and as Randy Jackson would say, “he’s in it to win it.

Spencer Lloyd
Spencer Lloyd, Image credit: American Idol

American Idol is well on its final Hollywood Week, and fans are excited who would make it through the rigorous eliminations.

Predicted with Spencer Lloyd in the Top 12 are Brianna Oakley, Malaya Watson, Caleb Johnson, Andrina Brogden, Neco Starr, Ethan Harris, Maurice Townsend, Jillian Jensen, Sam Woolf, Majesty York and Marrialle Sellars. Spencer has the edge over the other contestants, though, in being American Idol’s total package.


Who will be the next America Idol in Season 13? Who will win the competition? Check back later for updates.

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