American Idol Updates: Harry Connick Jr. Auditions for American Idol and Gets Booted Out

Here’s an American Idol update, Harry Connick Jr. auditions before Keith Urban, when Jennifer Lopez excused herself to go to the john. He got booted out by Keith Urban.

Harry Conick Jr auditions
Harry Connick Jr. auditions: Image credit: Fox

Keith Urban interviewed him first before Harry performed his song, “The Star Spangled Banner.”  He then started to stammer, saying:

“I’m so nervous, sorry.”

Afterwards, he asked Keith to autograph his ankles. Then he hopped outside of the room exclaiming, “Mom, mom, Keith Urban signed my ankle.”

This was, of course, one of the hilarious scenes in between a break on the American Idol show, in which the two male judges were fooling around. There was one time when Harry Connick Jr. carried a singing contestant in his arms.

Most TV viewers had warmed up to newcomer, Harry Connick Jr, because of his good sense of humor. In addition, there is an excellent rapport between the three judges, with JLo’s seriousness balancing the playfulness of Keith and Harry. Harry, though, appears to be the strictest when judging contestants that JLo called him “Hatchet Harry.”

Watch the hilarious video:

Harry Connick Jr. auditions on American Idol

Video credit: American Idol/YouTube

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