American Idol Update: Savion Wright Deserves to be in the Top 30 Idol Contestants

The American Idol elimination after Hollywood Week culminated in the Final Judgment in which Savion Wright was send home together with other great singers. Savion Wright deserves to be in the Top 30, just like anyone else because he is ‘riveting’ performer.


It can be recalled that Savion’s brother, Alfred, died recently, and Savion dedicated his stint on American Idol to Alfred.

Savion Wright’s has a superb, unique voice that is interesting to listen to. He is also good-looking, tall and has excellent physique- the Total Package. The three American Idol judges may have seen something that most of the audience has seen.

savion wright
Savion Wright

Savion Wright could return to audition for the next season and win it all. Good luck Savion Wright.

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