American Idol Tour Denver 2012: Heejun Han, DeAndre Brackensick, Jessica Sanchez Rocks the Night with “Party Rock Anthem” (Video)

American Idol Tour 2012 in Denver saw Heejun Han, DeAndre Brackensick, and Jessica Sanchez rocked the night with “Party Rock Anthem.”

They also performed this song in their previous stops, like in Minneapolis, where they brought down the house. Reportedly, as they performed it more often, they have begun to acquire the skills of a seasoned pro.

Heejun Han, DeAndre Brackensick, and Jessica Sanchez jumped and sang with gusto that the audience screamed with glee, and could not help but sway and jump with them.

Heejun exploded like a dynamo, running, singing and performing on stage; likewise, with DeAndre and Jessica.

Below is a YouTube video taken by a fan 15EllaBella15 in Denver.

Heejun, Jessica, DeAndre in Denver

Video credit: 15EllaBella15/YouTube

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