American Idol Top 31 Contestants after Hollywood Week; Filipino-American Malaya Watson, Makes the Cut

After Hollywood Week, the American Idol Top 31 contestants were revealed. Filipino-American, Malaya Watson, has made the cut. Watson competed against several great talents but has managed to pull it through.

Malaya Watson, Image credit: American Idol

Malaya Watson, 16, is a tuba player in school. Her last performance of “I Believe” had a rocky start and Harry had to stop her. The rest of the riveting performance, though, was given a standing ovation by Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

When the results were finally announced, Malaya corrected AI Judge Harry Connick Jr.’s pronunciation of her name; she said: “It’s mah-lah-yah, it means freedom.”

“Malaya” is the Filipino word for “freedom’.

Harry replied:

“I’m glad you reminded me of the pronunciation of your name because that name has a great potential to be a star at some point. You’ll gonna be in the Top 15.”

Malaya Watson performing “I Believe”

Video credit: AmericanIdol/YouTube

The Top 31 American Idol contestants are arranged according to the author’s preferences. So, the predicted Top 12 contestants are from numbers 1 to 12, with Spencer Lloyd predicted to win the competition.

Spencer Lloyd
Spencer Lloyd, Image credit: American Idol

The Top 31 are the following

  1. Spencer Lloyd
  2. Briana Oakley
  3. Sam Woolf
  4. Ethan Harris
  5. Malaya Watson
  6. Andrina Brogden
  7. Marrialle Sellars
  8. Caleb Johnson
  9. Majesty York
  10. Maurice Townsend
  11. C.J. Harris
  12. Neco Starr
  13. Austin Wolfe
  14. Malcolm Allen
  15. Jillian Jensen
  16. Emmanuel Zidor
  17. Kenzie Hall
  18. George Lovett Hamilton
  19. Kristen O’Connor
  20. Jordan Brisbane
  21. Bria Anai Johnson
  22. Ben Briley
  23. Jena Irene
  24. Alex Preston
  25. Emily Piriz
  26. Brandy Neelly
  27. Dexter Roberts
  28. Briston Maroney
  29. M.K. Nobilette
  30. Casey Thrasher
  31. Jessica Meuse

Will the American Idol predictions come true? Check back later for updates.

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