American Idol 2013 Prediction: Candice Glover or Kree Harrison?

The American Idol 2013 prediction: Would the winner be Candice Glover or Kree Harrison? Based on previous results, in which many blogs predicted that Kree Harrison would get voted off because she was the contestant garnering the lowest votes in many unofficial online polls; and due to the fact that Angie Miller has never been in the bottom 2 in the official polls. Most people thought Kree would be eliminated last week; the opposite happened though, and lots of people were in shock. How could that happen? The likelihood is relatively nil.


Of course, this is the opinion of the author.

Candice Glover American Idol
Candice Glover, Image credit: American Idol

So, if people wanted Candice to win, they may want to predict online that Kree would win, and vice versa. American Idol wants to shock people with their results, apparently.

The prediction? Kree Harrison will win, because Candice should win this competition, hands down – quite confusing. (Hopefully, the American Idol management won’t get to read this)

In fairness to Kree, the lovely girl has undeniable talent too; she would sell records, especially in country music. Assessing both their talents, though, would put Candice Gloverin a higher rank because her vocal prowess could encompass any genre of the song.

Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison, Image credit: American Idol

Today, Wednesday’s (May 15) American Idol performance show, Candice Glover would sing “I Who Have Nothing,” one of the songs that Idol finalists usually sing, (Jessica Sanchez sang it during last season’s Grand Finals) and Candice would surely nail it.

It can be remembered that Candice Glover had auditioned also with Jessica in season 11, but Candice was eliminated during Hollywood Week, and Jessica went on to become the season’s Idol runner-up. Candice was crying then, unable to understand why. Now, she knows why, she could become the next American Idol.

Season 11’s finalist, Elise Testone, supports Candice Glover, tweeting:

“Who’s voting for my friend @CandiceAI12 on #idol ?! She is an unbelievable talent.”