American Idol 2012 Top 2 Predictions: Who will go home tonight?

The American Idol 2012 Top 2 Predictions this season 11 is more difficult than last season’s. The answer to the question ”Who will go home tonight among the Top 3 American Idol finalists?” is what everyone is excitedly waiting for this May 17 results show.

Joshua Ledet
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Several factors are supposed to be considered but in the end, what really matters is the number of people who would actually vote for any of the Top 3 American Idol 2012 finalists. The Top 2 would then emerge from these votes.

The May 16 Top 3 Performances have received varied reactions from the audience; some people said it drew out the best from each of the contestants, while others said the performances were mediocre. The diverse music preferences of the audience had made this happen.

Phillip Phillips
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Based on the American Idol 2012 judges’ comments about the Top 3 contestants, Joshua Ledet got an outstanding grade in all of his 3 performances.

Jessica Sanchez received accolades too, except for one comment from Randy, who said that the performance was good but there was no “moment.” Phillip Phillips earned praises too, except for a slight constructive criticism from Randy again. If the American Idol judges’ comments are taken into account, then Joshua is safe and either Jessica or Phillip will go home.

Jessica Sanchez
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Online polls; however, have Jessica Sanchez leading, by a wide margin, away from Phillip and Joshua. If this is the basis of the Top 2 American Idol 2012 finalists, then Joshua Ledet would go home and Jessica and Phillip will “out–perform” each other to determine the winner of this season.

The online polls though are not solely for American citizens but for the international audience. Perhaps one can conclude that Jessica is an international singing sensation all the way to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Phillip has never been in the bottom 3 or 2, does this mean he is safe tonight? Joshua and Jessica were once in the Bottom 3, with Jessica almost eliminated, if she had not been saved by the American Idol 2012 judges.

The Top 2 Prediction is a “tricky” business. Earlier this site has predicted a Jessica vs. Joshua finale, but it could also be a “Jessica vs. Phillip finale” or a “Joshua vs. Phillip finale.”

Since these are predictions, one can have the liberty to choose two predictions. The first Top 2 American Idol prediction was Jessica and Joshua. Here is the second prediction:

Who will go home tonight? Joshua Ledet is predicted to be going home tonight, so the Top 2 American Idol finalists’ prediction among the Top 3 idols would be Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips for the Grand Finale on May 23.

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  1. For me i believe it would be a Joshua/ Jessica showdown both of them ae terrific performers i just love to hear them sing. Philip Philips is good yes and has many fans but this is due to his sex appeal look while Joshua and Jessica are simply oozing with talent as their main attraction.


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