ALDUB Livestream, When and Where to Watch ALDUB’S Tamang Panahon on October 24

MANILA, Philippines – GMA 7 has released a live streaming advisory for ALDUB’S Tamang Panahon event on Saturday, October 24 at the Philippine Arena.


Yaya Dub and Alden Richards


Due to insistent demand of ALDUB fans from all over the world, live streaming and delayed telecast of the show are available for people abroad.

Tamang Panahon is set to break world records online and offline because of the solid and united support of the ALDUB Nation (ALDUB fans). One record is to achieve 36 million tweets for the specific hashtag for October 24, 2015.

ALDUB is an acronym for the names of the two most popular love team of the decade, actor Alden Richards and DubSmash queen Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.

Listed below are the live stream schedules for the different countries, as disclosed by GMA7:

Hongkong and Singapore
Live: 11:30 AM Saturday
Replay: 10:30 PM Saturday

Live: 12:30 PM Saturday
Replay: 11:30 PM Saturday

Guam/Papua New Guinea and Saipan
Live: 1:30 PM Saturday
Replay: 12:30 AM Sunday

Live: 2:30 PM Saturday
Replay: 1:30 AM Sunday

Diego Garcia
Live: 9:30 AM Saturday
Replay: 8:30 PM Saturday

UAE and Dubai
Live: 7:30 AM Saturday
Replay: 11:30 AM Saturday and 7:30 PM Saturday

KSA and Riyadh
Live: 6:30 AM Saturday
Replay: 10:30 AM Saturday and 6:30 PM Saturday

North America

Live: 8:30 PM Friday
Replay: 10:00 AM Saturday

Live: 9:30 PM Friday
Replay: 11:00 AM Saturday

Live: 10:30 PM Friday
Replay: 12:00 NN Saturday

Live: 11:30 PM Friday
Replay: 1:00 PM Saturday

On Twitter this was posted:

LS Advisory for TP’s Preparation in benefits of team abroad and team live stream with a help of Team (shei)LS (

“@mynameshei: Restricted no more. SPREAD & SHARE! Ang TeamLS ready na for Tamang Panahon! Salamat po sa support! #ALDUBCountdown ”

Just download or go to:

ALDUB fans ABROAD can also watch through YouTube

The Youtube live-streaming is not available in the Philippines and in the U.S. though.


For fans who will be attending the event, GMA7 disclosed that it will be providing free transportation to the venue. Here are the terminals where fans can find the free rides:

• Broadway Centrum sa Aurora Blvd., Quezon City (MDC Buses)
• Cubao Station, First North Lunzon Bus Garage sa EDSA cor. P. Tuazon, Cubao
• Southbound (FLN Buses, Bataan Buses)
• Navotas Terminal Station sa C-4 Road Centennial Park, Navotas City (RRCG Buses, Bus Link Buses, Delta Buses)

The first trip will depart at 6 am and the second trip, at 7 am.

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