AlDub Updates: Watch ALDUB’s New Endearing Commercial; Alden Richards Wins “Male Celebrity of the Year”

The AlDub love team has already 2 TV commercials to its name after only two months of its existence; it’s the couple’s 2nd monthsary today.


ALDUB Talk N Text
Alden Richards and Yaya Dub kiss in a split TV screen

The AlDub love team is composed of the Queen of DubSmash PH, Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and the “Pambansang Dimples” Actor Alden Richards.

The McDo and Talk N Text TV commercials were done on split screens because the two lovebirds have not been actually introduced in person.

They have met twice, with Yaya Dub, in their second meeting, touching Alden to the delight of their fans. What made the fans more excited was that they were both blindfolded.

The blindfold meeting episode earned more than 6 million tweets on Twitter, almost surpassing the worldwide record of 6.7 million.

AlDub hash tags have trended daily in the Philippines and worldwide, breaking all records on Twitter Philippines. The AlDub fever is still spreading its infectious “kilig pa more” virus to all corners of the globe.

The mall tours of Alden Richards have drawn record-breaking number of fans to the venues. No other solo celebrity was able to do that in the past shows.

The participation of Yaya Dub and Alden Richards in the Metro Manila Filmfest this December 2015 has also been more realized by the meaningful statements of Director Jose Javier, indicating that the couple is a part of a film entry in the MMFF 2015.

Just minutes ago Alden Richards tweeted from his Official Twitter account:

Numerous fans club for AlDub were also created, the number is unprecedented in Philippine cinema. This is a tweet from @AldubNation16 regarding Alden Richards award as Male Celebrity of the Year.


alden male celebrity award
Image credit: @AldubNation16


Watch the endearing Talk N Text commercial of AlDub below, courtesy of talkntexttv.

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