ALDUB Fever Has Revived Significant Things in People’s Lives, #MoreThanWordsCanSay; ALDUB Fever Symptoms

MANILA, Philippines – The ALDUB Fever rages on and has infected people from all walks of life, affecting various significant things in their lives – more than words can say. What’s incredible about this fever is that it doesn’t ravage its hosts but revives them instead.


Alden and Yaya Dub with Lola Nidora
Alden and Yaya Dub with Lola Nidora


For those who are not aware yet of what the ALDUB fever is, there’s no need to panic. The ALDUB fever is not an illness but a cure for almost everything; it can actually help you heal and recuperate.

The ALDB fever is a term used for the phenomenal rise to popularity and stardom of two individuals, who were accidentally caught by the boob tubes lenses; Actor Alden Richards and Maine, “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. ALDUB stands for AL(den) and (Yaya)DUB.


Alden Richards


Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, Image credit: AlDub_Official


The inception of their love team on Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye was accidental; Alden was hosting at the TV studio, while Yaya Dub was part of the group in the “Kalye” (street). They were introduced to each other via a split TV screen, and that’s when the ALDUB fever began.

Within a span of just two months, the ALDUB fever has taken the nation by storm, and has spread rapidly to distant shores all around the world.

Office workers, jeepney drivers, students and almost everyone are focused on their TV screens when the ALDUB episode comes alive on the Eat Bulaga noon time show. Some people compare the scenario to a Manny Pacquiao fight, where the streets are empty because everybody is glued to their TV sets.

The most thrilling scenario that fans look forward to is the face-to-face meeting of the 2 protagonists – although, they have seen each other from a distance and have touched each other with their blindfolds on; they have yet to truly converse and interact with each other up close.

Another phenomenal thing about ALDUB is the fact that its hashtags have trended daily nationwide and worldwide.


ALDUB worldwide trends


ALDUB broke several PH Twitter records. This caught the attention of international celebrities such as, singer, Bryan White (singer of “God Have Me You” and Actress Barbie Xu of another phenomenon, the TV series “Meteor Garden.”

And still the ALDUB fever continues to infect more people around the world. Now, everyone is doing the “pabebe wave” – a hand wave identified with Alden Richards and Yaya Dub.

So how did the ALDUB fever revive the significant things in people’s lives?

1. It demonstrates good values and right conduct

Lessons in life such as, obey your elders, use your brain and heart when selecting a partner, everything has to happen “sa tamang panahon” (at the right time), value your family and so many wonderful lessons that the youth and even the elders can learn from. For more of these quotes, read HERE.

2. It provides clean fun and entertainment

You don’t have to put down people to elicit laughter. There are no scenes of smoking women or racy displays that can negatively influence people.

3. It allows family members and friends to get together

Nowadays, family members can barely see each other because of their own commitments, but with the noontime show featuring ALDUB, family members and friends get together to watch.

4. It inspires people

There are numerous stories of fans being inspired to study or pursue their dreams because of the inspiration that the ALDUB fever provides. Scan Twitter and you’ll come across these testimonials from fans.

5. It gives people something to look forward to

It makes life more exciting because it gives people something to look forward to. What would happen next? Mondays are no longer feared but looked forward to.

6. It has revived TV entertainment, especially Eat Bulaga

Also, it has created and broadened so many related businesses that include production of ALDUB T-shirts, ALDUB gewgaws, ALDUB games, ALDUB mementos, ALDUB pictures and other similar items. Even cafes and stores sell more because of some customers waiting for ALDUB during their lunch break.

7. Alden and Yaya Dub are excellent role models for the young people

Aside from all that, the main characters are ideal role models. Alden is a respectful, humble and God-fearing person, while Yaya Dub is a simple, sincere and honest lady. This can be one of the reasons why their love team has clicked with the public. Read more reasons why, HERE.

Symptoms of ALDUB fever

• You can’t wait for Mondays. You wish that Sunday can be done with quickly.
• You have your cell phone ready for any ALDUB updates.
• You have accessed the iTV on your cell phone to watch Eat Bulaga Live.

• You schedule your meetings after or before the Kalye Serye.

• You stay glued to your TV every noon time.

• You jump out of your seat every time you see an ALDUB headline.

• You signed up with Twitter and Facebook, even if you were not previously interested in these social media sites.

For new updates, check back later. Today, the hashtag is #MoreThanWordsCanSay. Let’s see what world record, it could break this time.

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