4th Impact Clarifies Supposed Rift with Lauren Murray; Pinoy Group Makes it Top 5 on X Factor UK

The Filipino group, 4th Impact, has clarified on Twitter their alleged rift with another finalist Lauren Murray. Lauren Murray was seen brushing off the arms of one of the members of 4th Impact during the results show when she tried to embrace her.


4th Impact Top 5
4th Impact performs Top 5


4th Impact and Lauren appeared on a video on Twitter and clarified the issue, requesting their fans to stop telling Lauren anything. 4th Impact members declared that Lauren was one of their friends. “We love Lauren.” Lauren, in turn, said “I love 4th Impact.”



The Pinoy group has made it Top 5 on the 2015 X Factor UK. The Top 5 X Factor Finalists are:

1. 4th Impact
2. Lauren Murray
3. Louisa Johnson
4. Che Chesterman
5. Reggie N Bollie

Can 4th Impact win the competition?

Check back later for updates.

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