My Friend

My name is Pepe. I am 12 years old. People say nobody would read what I will write because I lack schooling and English is my second language but you see, I very much want to share with you the story of my friend Dave. I am confident that although I’m not really a writer, … Read more My Friend


Image from: Free Digital Photos They were in the school garden. She was 17; he was 18. ” You’re late,” she reprimanded him. ” Sorry, some last – minute chores.” ” Perhaps that red head detained you again.” ” Now, don’t start with that…” ” Why not? because it is true?. You were ogling at … Read more AN ANECDOTE


The night was young; the stars were strewn brilliantly in the night sky. It was a wonderful night. But it was not for me. ” Name?” the question was asked several times, and my answer came like a croak. ” Angel Palma.” ” Age?” ” 20.” “Occupation? he was patient with me. “Student.” “Now I’ll … Read more THE SUSPECT

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